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Pranjal Kodkani
Organizing Secretary
Prakash Samant
President, BOS
Welcome Message

Orthopaedics as a specialty has evolved over several years. Its evolution has been a result of contributions to the field through hard work, sincerity and dedication by a number of our colleagues.

Every fraternity member belonging to the field contributes to its evolution in his own way. Our senior members contribute by sharing their acquired knowledge and experience over the years. They then shape up the protégé who in turn contribute by actively implementing this knowledge. In the process, they would be mentors themselves to fellows some day. The most enthusiastic youngest generation offer their contributions with new ideas and try to nudge others in their direction by presenting and publishing their innovations and observations. Every cadre in the field is important to contribute and evolve.

The logo befits our theme – ‘Evolution by Contribution’. The bright lantern representing our senior fraternity spreading the light of knowledge, the flame of a torch depicting the active torch bearing middle cadre and the incandescent bulb signifying our youngest generation with novel ideas. We all contribute to enlighten this field of science.

This conference shall attempt to showcase all such members who have toiled over the years and worked towards the evolution of our field to make it stand where it is today.