ABSTRACT Guidelines

  • BOTH Abstract & Full Paper (in plain text format) need to be submitted.
  • Register as a delegate; only a registered delegate may present his work at the WIROC 2017
  • One presenter one presentation at WIROC 2017
  • Each presenter gets 6 minutes to talk and 2 minutes of discussion time
  • In K.S Masalawala best paper session, each presenter gets 8 minutes to talk and 2 minutes of discussion
  • In E Poster event, each presenter gets 4 minutes to talk and answers judges’ 3 questions
  • Authorship may not be altered after a paper / poster is accepted; a change of presenter may be permitted solely at WIROC 2017 Scientific committee’s discretion
  • Submit Abstract (400 words) and Full Paper in English in plain text format
  • The full paper should be structured as title, introduction, materials & methods, results and conclusions. It should include five keywords. It should also include a list of references for the concerned work
  • Indicate which one of the categories the paper may be included: Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement, Trauma, Paediatric Orthopaedics, Spine, Tumours, Metabolic Bone Disease, and Deformities
  • Submit the paper only ‘ONLINE’
  • The submitted scripts will be reviewed by a panel of experts in a blinded and coded fashion; WIROC 2017 Scientific Committee will intimate the delegate about the acceptance or rejection of the paper
  • It is mandatory for the author/s to submit on demand a Master chart of study data to WIROC 2017 Scientific Committee. The master chart should be verified and countersigned by the head of department in cases where the work has been done in a teaching institute or when the manuscript is a multicenter study. Failure to produce the Master chart may invite disqualification
  • Presenting author and no one else from the team gets a certificate for presentation
  • The WIROC 2017 Committee reserves the right to withdraw a paper at any time

  • Automatic disqualification follows
    • Disclosure of author(s) name(s) or affiliation(s) directly or indirectly anywhere in the text of the paper
    • Previously published study
    • Papers previously presented in WIROC
    • Plagiarized / doctored study