Scientific Highlights

All about Paediatric fracture neck femur

Paediatric foot and ankle trauma

DAY 1 Success in Paediatric Infections

Office orthopaedics - Your everyday matters

For the first time the Dr. A. K. Talwalkar Symposium is on Paediatric. Supracondylar Fractures

Traumatic Elbow instability and when to phone a friend / shear fractures of the elbow

Shining Light on the Black box of injuries of the tibial plateaus

The Fracture with a nerve injury

Challenges and new solutions in Geriatric Trauma

Unstable Hip fractures in 2022 - Maintaining a perfect Balance

Implants and their Interplay when it works and why it fails

Distal Femur Fractures- Are we there yet

IM Nailings Getting right and pushing the limits?

Avoiding Failures in Fixation of fractures of the clavicle and the scapula

Essentials of pelvis fracture surgery that one needs to know

Operative management of complex distal radius fractures

Tibial Plafond fractures

Fixing the Young TC

Periprosthetic & Interprosthetic fractures in 2022, Evolution of treatments - Is the outlook any better?

ATLS in 2022

Conversion THR

Minimal disruptive surgeries - Strategies to improvise & capitalise

Patient-specific Stability in THA - Trauma and elective hip arthroplasty

What alignment philosophy will be key for the knee - Anatomical Mechanical Kinematic / Restricted Kinematic

As good as natural one …. Doing a good bipolar hemiarthroplasty

Post-op oozing wounds

Oh, Shit!! Moments in my arthroplasty Practise

The soft tissue balancing in tricky situations through bone & implant modifications

Rapid Fire - Knee replacement

The robot and the philosophies

Non-Infective painful total knee arthroplasty

Uni Knee replacement

Knee osteotomies what works when and why

The First Time dislocator. Patella and Shoulder, Case-based Discussions

Current state-of-the-art - Knee Arthroscopy

Individualised ACL Surgery - the A La Carte Approach

Current status Bone Substitutes tissue banking and Bone Grafts

Rotator cuff, rehab repair reverse

The patient with a deficit, immediate management, role of conservative management and timing of surgery

Low back pain, where are we going wrong

Prolapsed Disc, steps for 100 pc success in management

Osteoporosis & the spine

Preventing top 5 reasons why Lumbar Spine Surgery fails

Tuberculosis of the Spine -Avoiding the pitfalls

Thoracolumbar Fractures

Injection techniques in the spine

Simple Hand problems that Arent - Avoiding Snakes in the grass

PIP Joint injuries

Neglected hand injuries

Giant Cell Tumors

Oncology - impending fractures vs completed fractures , decision making

Flat foot surgery From Paediatrics to geriatrics

Missed fractures in foot and ankle trauma is salvage possible

Ligaments around the ankle

Mentoring in the era of Google Youtube and Online fellowship

Subspeciality training & training abroad + fellowship pitch ?

Fellowship pitch

Fellowships – India & Abroad – pitch

The Business of Medicine -Hospital based ,Academic ,Private Practice

Taking the trauma out of the Billing

Luxury Spending

Finance session for the early ,mid and late career Orthopod

Innovation for the Orthopaedic surgeon- How to start , how to finish

Innovative ideas / What an Idea Sirjee